The MIPI Software Working Group is developing numerous code resources, including drivers, libraries, and implementation and debugging tools, to streamline the integration of MIPI specifications and components in mobile, IoT, automotive and other applications. 

MIPI software code tools allow firmware and OS developers to significantly speed up specification implementation, thereby minimizing development costs and reducing time to market.  The majority of these code projects, along with MIPI software specifications, are available to the open source community to foster a more standardized environment and to improve development processes and quality in and beyond the mobile device industry.  

GitHub is used to store public and private source code. MIPI Alliance supports licensing under BSD-3 or Apache licenses, and the Software Working Group is responsible for defining code policy, reviewing/accepting code project proposals and ensuring code quality.

Code Projects

Provides a toolset for using MIPI CCS Static Data to implement image sensors in mobile devices
Offers APIs and documentation for use with MPI SyS-T to exchange debug information across implementations