The mobile and computing industries rely on variety of organizations to define the many hardware and software interfaces needed to connect devices to one another and to a network. MIPI Alliance has a very specific role in these ecosystems because it focuses on the signaling characteristics and protocols that internal hardware components need to communicate with each other within a mobile device.

MIPI Alliance is distinct for the broad applicability of its specifications: It is the only industry entity addressing the hardware interface needs for the entire mobile device, from the modem and antenna to the application processor and peripherals such as the camera, microphones, speakers, storage, display, battery, sensors and others.

While MIPI Alliance is a standalone organization, it has a strong heritage of collaboration with organizations from other industries. Through partnerships with standards groups in the PC, sensor, display, storage and other industries, MIPI Alliance has extended the reach of its specifications beyond mobile into additional markets while enabling the services and applications from external industries to function in the mobile device environment. MIPI Alliance will continue to collaborate with cross-industry partners to apply and advance its specifications to meet new and emerging market needs.