Piscataway, NJ – 25 June 2010 – MIPI Alliance today announced the availability of a new RF Front End (RFFE) Control Interface specification. The specification encompasses numerous front end devices including power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, filters, switches, power management modules, antenna tuners and sensors, whether they are located in separate components or integrated into a single unit. Implementation of the specification will improve operational efficiency of the RFFE bus across multiple configurations. For more information, go to http://mipi.org/specifications/rf-front-end.

“We see a trend in mobile radio communications towards complex, multi-radio systems with several parallel transceivers,” said Jori Arrakoski, chair of the MIPI Alliance RFFE Work Group, and Senior Architect at Nokia. “This specification provides an extensible, low-complexity single control interface solution, easing the RF and front end mobile designs. Ideally, the specification will lead to a broader range of control-compatible components and subsequently simplify the component control interface design to just one option, RFFE bus.”

The impetus for the new specification was sparked by multiple MIPI Alliance member companies and input received from the International Wireless Industry Consortium (IWPC). The new specification encompasses several factors in complex RF front-end designs. One such factor is the need for time-accurate control. The RFFE specification utilizes a relatively high bus clock frequency of 26 MHz with additional time-accurate triggering mechanisms. Master and Slave implementation complexity have been kept to a minimum, delivering simplicity without sacrificing features. Multiple configurations of Master and Slave are also addressed, ranging from one Slave on a single bus to many Slaves on a single bus or distributed across multiple buses.

“Through our specifications, MIPI Alliance strives to drive technology advancement of mobile device interfaces,” said Joel Huloux, Chairman of the Board for MIPI Alliance. “The new RFFE control interface specification not only addresses an industry trend but offers a flexible design solution for multiple applications.”

The RFFE specification is supported by a companion application note, covering implementation issues and offering design hints. An overview of the specification and the application note are available at www.mipi.org/sites/default/files/Specification Overview final.pdf.

MIPI specifications are available only to MIPI Alliance member companies. Interested companies are welcome to join the MIPI Alliance. Membership includes limited royalty-free intellectual property rights and obligations. For more information on membership in the MIPI Alliance, visit www.mipi.org

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