Piscataway, NJ, February 15, 2011– MIPI Alliance today announced that 10 industry-leading member companies advanced next generation mobile device display technology at a recent interoperability event. The event enabled participating companies to push the limits of their products, testing a variety of image formats, resolutions, and frame rates. Participants included Agilent Technologies, Inc., DA Design, Fairchild Semiconductor, Himax, Nvidia, Nokia, Novatek, Renesas Electronics and ST-Ericsson.

Hosted at the Agilent Technologies facility in Santa Clara, CA, and administered by the Universityof New Hampshire InterOperability Lab(UNH-IOL), the event helped participating companies evaluate products implementing MIPI's D-PHY, Display SerialInterface (DSI) and Display Command Set (DCS) specifications. Tests were performed between devices such as host processors, display panels, and buffered bridges that implement DSI over one or more D-PHY data lanes.

"A strong testing and interoperability program is essential for the success of a new standard as it increases industry acceptance," said Roland Scherzinger, MIPI Program Manager with Agilent Technologies. "The fact that many different devices seamlessly worked together emphasizes the maturity of the specification and its testing program."

Participants judged the robustness of the physical link at a range of data rates and transmits, video sequences and bit-rate test patterns in a variety of image formats, resolutions, and frame rates to exercise higher layers of functionality.
Specifically, each pair of hosts and devices performed three tests together:

            - a Bit-error Rate Test to check the physical quality of the link 

            - an Image Verification Test to ensure that the host was able to properly  format image data and that the display could render it properly

            - a Bus Turnaround Test, to ensure that each display could handle Bus Turnaround with different timings, allowing the display to communicate some     information back to the host.

“Interop workshops like this are a great opportunity for companies to prove that their new products are interoperable.” said David Woolf, Senior Technical Staff with UNH-IOL. “It was great to see so many display and host companies working together at this event. When you’re able to combine interop testing from these workshops with lab based conformance testing, you can have confidence the product will function properly in many different configurations.”

“These interoperability events are key to the successful deployment of MIPI specifications,” said Joel Huloux, Chairman of MIPI Alliance. “We strongly support these types of efforts and believe the knowledge gained will translate into highly successful products.”

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