Building Intelligent, High-Speed Sensor Connectivity with MIPI I3C – Design Examples (Synopsys)

Director of R&D
11:15 AM

Abstract: MIPI I3C enables multiple sensor connectivity using a single integrated bus with minimal pin count and throughput up to 33 Mbps. This presentation briefly describes I3C and its key features, and through examples details how I3C can be used in IoT and automotive systems to enable a more intelligent sensor connectivity. I3C provides lower cost, lower power and better scalability than I2C and other interfaces, making it ideal for sensor and non-sensor applications such as touch. Hear how you can integrate the unique benefits of I3C into SoCs and systems with compliant MIPI IP.

Sriram Balasubramania is a Director of R&D at Synopsys. He has more than 25 years of VLSI design experience with a focus on connectivity protocols. Mr. Balasubramanian’s primary interest and area of work are in products based on MIPI, JEDEC, USB and SD standards. Mr. Balasubramanian holds a BTech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Calicut University India and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.