A Developer's Guide to MIPI I3C Implementation and MIPI I3C Beyond Sensors (Intel)

Sensor Technologist and Researcher, Intel Corporation & MIPI Sensor Working Group Chair
Intel Corporation
10:45 AM

Abstract: Preparing to implement MIPI’s new sensor interface, MIPI I3C, in your next design? Curious about MIPI I3C's proliferation beyond basic sensing? This presentation will provide adopters of MIPI I3C with targeted guidance on how to ensure a successful and efficient implementation of I3C in their mobile and mobile-influenced products. Leveraging I2C as a foundation, many components of I3C will be familiar to implementers, but with guidance provided here, attendees will leave with a clearer understanding of I3C’s key innovative features, how they will improve their systems and what considerations should be made to fully leverage them. Implementation guidance will include, but not be limited to support for legacy I2C devices, understanding network topology tradeoffs and good design practices.

Ken Foust, Intel Corporation is a Sensor Technologist and Researcher who leads sensing initiatives across Intel’s product portfolio and R&D labs. He is also the Chair of the MIPI Sensor Working Group. Previously, Ken was a Director at Kionix, Inc., started his career at IBM and received a BSEE from Alfred University.