Dynamic Reconfiguration of MIPI UniPort-M Compliance Host (Western Digital)

VLSI/FPGA Engineer
Western Digital
1:15 PM

Abstract: Day by Day we are moving through the process of MIPI Globalization in Mobile Industry by converting all the available interfaces (like camera, IPC and storage)to MIPI UniPort M based interface. Based on this point, even though silicon vendors are ready with MIPI controllers (i.e. DUT’s) its taking huge time to develop Host Platform for Validation of DUT. From this observation am coming up with a Reconfigurable Host for all UniPort-M based peripherals like Chip 2 Chip (i.e. IPC), Camera (i.e. CSI-3), Storage (i.e. UFS).By using this platform we can switch the host protocol on the fly between IPC , CSI-3 and UFS. The major advantage of designing this kind of host platform was to reduce the HW resource development time and cost. We have to use Xilinx Zynq FPGA as the processing module for building Reconfigurable Host. User will always have 3 different options to switch between different host protocols.

Sreekanth Varma Dantuluri has been a VLSI/FPGA Engineer at Western Digital since 2014. He received his master’s degree in VLSI from IIIT in 2008. He has been actively participating in MIPI discussion’s and working on MIPI-based solutions for the past 3 years. He is very energetic in debugging MIPI UniPro and MIPI M-PHY related issues.