MIPI CSI-2 for Multi-camera, Long Range Use Cases and Implementation Methods Using FPGA’s (Xilinx)

Senior Design Engineer
2:15 PM

Abstract: Use of image sensors expanded beyond simple image capture to capture images in multiple angles, multiple exposures etc, which allows building more intelligence to systems used in Vision, Automotive, Industrial and other product segments.
MIPI specifications being mature, relatively simple to use and well proven in mobile segment, the ability to combine multiple camera data streams over a single CSI-2 channel, supporting long distance using bridge functions makes MIPI CSI-2 image sensors a best bet for the above said product segments.
The presentation details some of the multi-camera, long distance use case scenarios, the role and value addition of FPGA’s to implement these systems.

Kondalarao Polisetti is Senior Design Engineer at Xilinx with 11+ years of experience in IP solutions development for Xilinx FPGAs. His expertise include developing IP solutions for Embedded, Automotive, Medical and Radar segments. Some of the protocols/IP include CAN, MOST NIC, AXI Generators, Checkers, Performance monitors & MIPI Subsystems. Xilinx has been active MIPI member since 2014.