MIPI I3C Interface - Advanced Features (Qualcomm)

Principal Engineer, Systems Architect on Sensors Advanced Technology Group
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
10:15 AM

Abstract: The MIPI I3C bus is an intelligent serial interface, with flexible bus management architecture. It aims at enhancing the benefits of speed and energy efficiency of the data transfer by adding several features that streamline various type of transactions. In addition, those features are designed to facilitate the System Design, providing scalable and efficient interconnectivity solutions. The System Designers challenges and their wish-lists were taken in consideration, materializing into the comprehensive list of I3C features. The Flow Control and the Timing Control tools provided by MIPI I3C interface are the subject of this presentation. Elements of solved problems, their challenges and practical aspects are included.

Radu Pitigoi-Aron is a System Architect at Sensors Advanced Technology Group of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Radu works on next generation of Mobile and Internet Devices, empowered by the intelligent use of information gathered from sensors, traditional and ground breaking. He is Contributor to MIPI I3C Interface and has been presented with the Specification Award for his work on Version 1.0. Before joining Qualcomm, Radu held several Lead Project positions, across three continents, in Romania, South Africa and lately in USA. He has covered a wide spectrum, including classical Analog design, real-time digital/analog embedded systems, intelligent lighting controllers, system architecture. He received a M.S. in Electronics Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania. Radu is the holder of 23 USA Patents on Electronics topics.