Keynote Presentation:
The World of Bits, Pixels and Sensors
Presented by Dr. Aloknath De, Senior Vice President, CTO, Samsung India (SRI-B)

Track 1 MIPI Sensor and Sideband Interfaces Download Track 1 Zip   Track 2 MIPI Verification and Test Download Track 2 Zip
10:15 AM MIPI I3C℠ Interface - Advanced Features (Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.) PDFslideshare   10:15 AM MIPI High Speed Serial Technologies: Debug & Conformance Testing Challenges and Solutions (Tektronix) PDFslideshare
10:45 AM A Developer's Guide to MIPI I3C℠ Implementation and MIPI I3C℠ Beyond Sensors (Intel Corporation) PDFslideshare   10:45 AM Using the Protocol To Simplify PHY Testing: A Practical Example with UniPro℠ (BitifEye) PDFslideshare
11:15 AM Building Intelligent, High-Speed Sensor Connectivity with MIPI I3C℠: Design Examples (Synopsys)   PDFslideshare   11:15 AM MIPI M-PHY® Gear4 and Its Impact on UniPort/UFS (Teledyne LeCroy) PDFslideshare
11:45 PM MIPI VGI for Sideband GPIO and Messaging Consolidation on Mobile System (Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. & Lattice Semiconductor)  PDFslideshare   11:45 PM SPMI℠ 1.0 Multi-Master Verification (Qualcomm India Private Limited) PDFslideshare
12:15 PM Lunch
Track 3 MIPI Interfaces for Automotive Download Track 3 Zip   Track 2 MIPI Verification and Test Download Track 2 Zip
1:15 PM MIPI Alliance Extends Interface Standards to Support Automotive Market (Sony Electronics)  PDFslideshare   1:15 PM Dynamic Reconfiguration of MIPI Uniport-M Compliance Host (Western Digital) PDFslideshare
1:45 PM ADAS High Bandwidth Imaging Implementation Strategies (Texas Instruments)   PDFslideshare   1:45 PM Next generation MIPI Physical Layer Design and Evaluation Challenges (Keysight Technologies) PDFslideshare
2:15 PM MIPI CSI-2℠ for Multi-Camera, Long-Range Use Cases and Implementation Methods Using FPGAs (Xilinx)   PDFslideshare   2:15 PM Overcoming Inter-Symbol Interference with MIPI PHYs Using Training Sequences (Synopsys)  PDFslideshare
2:45 PM PM Break      2:45 PM PM Break   
Track 4 MIPI Interfaces for Imaging Download Track 4 Zip   Track 5 MIPI Connectivity Download Track 5 Zip
3:15 PM Driving 4K High-Resolution Embedded Displays in New Applications with MIPI DSI℠ and VESA DSC (Arm & Synopsys)   PDFslideshare   3:15 PM C-PHY℠/D-PHY℠ Combo Implementation and Use Case (Mixel, Inc. & Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.)   PDFslideshare
3:45 PM Imaging Systems Design for Mixed Reality Scenarios (Intel Corporation)  PDFslideshare   3:45 PM C-PHY℠ and How it Enables Next Generation Display and Camera Implementations (Introspect Technology) PDFslideshare
4:15 PM SoundWire® Linux Subsystem: An Introduction to Protocol and Linux Subsystem (Intel Corporation)     PDFslideshare   4:15 PM Enabling Higher Data Rates and Variety of Channels with MIPI D-PHY℠ (Synopsys)   PDFslideshare
4:45 PM Multiple CSI-2℠ Camera Solution Using FPGAs (Microsemi Corporation) PDFslideshare   4:45 PM IO Aggregation/De-Aggregation in Mobile and Mobile Influenced Systems to Improve Routing Congestion (Lattice Semiconductor) PDFslideshare
5:15 PM Mobile Influenced Markets – Evolution of Camera and Display Uses - Emerging Camera and Display Use Cases in Mobile Influenced Markets (Lattice Semiconductor) PDFslideshare   5:15 PM Emulation of DUT Using MIPI RMMI (M-PHY® Module Interface) as a Standard Interface (Western Digital) PDFslideshare
5:45 PM Close     5:45 PM Close