Driving 4K High-Resolution Embedded Displays in New Applications with MIPI DSI and VESA DSC (Arm & Synopsys)

Arm Product Manager of Mali-Display, Media Processing Group
1:45 PM

Abstract: The drive for high resolution embedded displays is increasing in applications such as mobile, automotive and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR). Automotive infotainment and display-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are more sophisticated and require high-resolution displays to mimic high-end mobile-quality user experience. For AR/VR, high frame rates and multiple display architectures are deployed to meet the unique characteristics of these applications such as avoiding motion sickness and eye-glass form factor. Due to increase in display quality and resolution, it is critical for designers to access solutions with more efficient processors and interfaces that support high-performance, low data-transmission bandwidth and low-power consumption. This presentation describes a display solution, co-developed by Synopsys and Arm, that improves visual quality and reduces overall SoC power consumption while meeting the requirements of 4K high-resolution embedded displays in new applications beyond mobile.

Vassilis Androutsopoulos, Ph.D. holds the position of Product Manager for Display IP at Arm’s Media Processing Group. During his 9 years at ARM, he has also managed Video IP and worked as an Applications Engineer on Cortex cores delivering over 20 customer training courses in the process. Prior to Arm, he held the position of video HW design engineer at Imagination Technologies. Vassilis holds a Ph.D in Digital System Synthesis from Imperial College London.