MIPI High Speed Serial Technologies: Debug & Conformance Testing Challenges and Solutions (Tektronix)

Technical Support Manager of T&M Sales Department
1:45 PM

Abstract: The three high-speed serial standards namely - D-PHY, M-PHY and C-PHY, although having similarities in terms of target segment and application use cases, do have wide contrasts with respect to electrical specifications. D-PHY is a forwarded clock system, M-PHY has maximum toggle rate of up to ~12Gbps and CPHY is 3-level 3-wire signal. Inevitably, engineers will encounter varied issue/challenges while debugging or testing these designs.

This presentation shall provide real world problems faced and the process of uncovering them early on using the test and measurement equipment & solutions. The solution could be in terms of measurement & analysis of signal characteristics, probing with fidelity and waveform generation with precision. In addition, this session shall highlight the test solutions you will need to support the upcoming revisions of these PHY specifications.