MIPI VGI for Sideband GPIO and Messaging Consolidation on Mobile System (Qualcomm & Lattice)

Senior Director of Strategic Planning
Lattice Semiconductor
3:15 PM

Abstract: In a typical mobile influenced system a large number of sideband GPIOs are used which add to package size and cost. FSM based MIPI VGI aims to consolidate these sideband GPIOs and low speed messaging over a 2- or 3-wire interface. VGI FSM could also be used behind a suitable serial interface, such as I3C. MIPI VGI v1.0 spec is nearing its completion and is expected to be released next year.

Satwant Singh is the Senior Director of Strategic Planning at Lattice Semiconductor, where he is responsible for ecosystem involvement for new developments and Lattice’s product capabilities roadmaps. Satwant serves as the Vice Chair of MIPI Alliance’s RIO Working Group, as well as for the MIPI Sensor Working Group focused on developing new I3C interface specification. Singh holds a master’s of science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto and has more than 30 patents.