Next Generation MIPI Physical Layer Design and Evaluation Challenges (Keysight)

Solution Expert and Product Manager
Keysight Technologies
1:15 PM

Abstract: MIPI has released new MIPI C-PHY, MIPI D-PHY and MIPI M-PHY specifications this year to address the next generation of the 5G mobile era to include VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and autonomous vehicle technology. Those new MIPI PHY specifications will bring new technology innovation that will also bring new challenges to design or evaluation engineering. In this session, we will look at the key changes in the specification and CTS (conformance test suite) and address the challenges to support the new PHY layer. 

SK Choi is the Keysight Technologies Solution Expert and Product Manager for MIPI Alliance solutions. SK is currently a contributor to the MIPI PHY Working Group and member of the MIPI TSG (Technical Steering Group). He has completed 10 years working for Keysight. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Korea.