Using the Protocol To Simplify PHY Testing: A Practical Example with UniPro (BitifEye)

Project Team Lead
BitifEye Digital Test Solutions GmbH
10:15 AM

Abstract: BitifEye demonstrates how to enable Physical Layer testing with help from the Protocol Layer. In particular we focus on MIPI UniPro and UFS devices, which can be easily tested through the UniPro Test Mode. It allows in-band link configuration as well as frame and error counter retrieval, standardizing the test setup and removing the need for out-of-band connections to the DUT. This reduces setup and test time and provides the most complete and reliable solution to test the Physical Layer. Complementary to the presentation, our booth will feature a live demonstration of the solution, using a UFS 2.0 Device from SMI. 

Victor Sanchez-Rico is the Project Manager for the MIPI test software at BitifEye, Keysight’s Solutions Partner for high speed interfaces. This Computer Science engineer is also a father of three and a sports cars aficionado. He will solve all your testing needs while proudly showing you pictures of his daughters on his MIPI-enabled smartphone.