Tuesday, May 12, 2015

See two MIPI Alliance Demos at the Embedded Vision Summit on 12 May 2015, 12:00-19:30.

Title: MIPI Physical Layer Testing
Rohde & Schwarz will be showing the RTO digital oscilloscope measuring MIPI D-PHY signal integrity and protocol trigger and decode for CSI-2 and RFFE.
Contact details:
Michael Schnecker, Business Development Manager, Rohde & Schwarz
Mobile: +1-215-469-0555


Title: MIPI Imaging Architecture Bandwidth Benchmarking
Using its reference imaging generators and receivers, Introspect Technology will demonstrate the bandwidth capability of MIPI Alliance’s popular CSI-2 imaging architecture over varied physical layer and resolution parameters. The Introspect tools will illustrate MIPI CSI-2 performance scaling through data rate, lane count, and frame parameters.
Contact details:
Mohamed Hafed, Ph.D. CEO, Introspect Technology
Mobile: +1-514-242-1267

Event Location: 
Santa Clara, California, USA