Wednesday, December 4, 2019 to Friday, December 6, 2019

Workshop Overview

Advanced driver assistance systems or vehicle-based intelligent safety systems are currently in a phase of transition from Level 2 Active Safety systems, where the human driver monitors the driving environment, toward level 3, 4 and higher, where the automated driving system monitors the driving environment. Many technical questions remain to be answered or until now, are perhaps unknown. This workshop will consider how the industry transitions from trials and testbeds to embedded solutions and volume deployment.

Presentation by MIPI Alliance:

Advancing In-Vehicle Connectivity: A Look at MIPI A-PHY (to be presented 5 December 2019)

Because of their key characteristics and proven performance, MIPI specifications have been deployed in billions of devices across a broad range of markets, in everything from mobile handsets, to IoT and AR/VR, to automotive. This presentation will take a brief look at how MIPI specifications for cameras (CSI-2), displays (DSI-2), sensors (I3C), storage (UniPro and M-PHY through UFS), and other functions are already being implemented in automotive. Next, the presentation will provide an in-depth overview of the upcoming MIPI A-PHY specification, which will work with existing MIPI specifications and others to support ADAS, autonomous driving and other surround sensor applications.

Presenter: Rick Wietfeldt, Sr. Director, Technology, Qualcomm; Director, MIPI Alliance Board of Directors

Rick Wietfeldt is a senior director, technology, at Qualcomm Technologies Inc. in San Diego. He joined Qualcomm in 2007 and established the Advanced Connectivity Technology office responsible for coordinating activities in the standards development organizations (SDOs) that drive mobile interface standards. Rick has authored numerous publications and been awarded numerous patents in mobile device architecture and operation. He received his bachelor of science and master's degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto, and his doctorate from York University also in Toronto.

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Event Location: 
Hilton San Jose, San Jose, California