Wednesday, April 6, 2022

5-7 April 2022 | 5 April 09:00 - 19:00, 6 & 7 April 08:00 - 17:15 PST

How A Standards-Based Framework Can Simplify Camera & Display Integration in Automotive Architectures
Track: Drive World - Advanced Automotive
Session Format: Technical Session

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Conference Overview

Cars are getting smarter. But the shift to Level 5 autonomy will take time, testing, and, most of all, the technical chops to perfect the connected car at the component level. That means sensors, 5G, systems on chip, and other foundational elements that are the heart of the autonomous vehicle.

Come help accelerate the path to autonomous driving at Drive World+ESC. Drive World, a must-attend event for electrical and mechanical engineers looking to grow in the automotive intelligence and advanced mobility industries. Combined with ESC, this conference provides attendees with industry-critical education in the heart of electronics innovation — Silicon Valley.

MIPI Session Overview

How A Standards-Based Framework Can Simplify Camera & Display Integration in Automotive Architectures

6 April 2022, 12:15 p.m. 
As more advanced ADAS, ADS and in-vehicle infotainment applications are being introduced, automotive systems and architectures are shifting to meet evolving new requirements. At the same time, integration complexity has increased to support the greater numbers of cameras, displays and sensors needed for these applications. Add to that the need to support functional safety requirements laid out in standards such as ISO 26262 and growing security challenges, it becomes clear that a standards-based connectivity framework offers benefits to the automotive ecosystem.

This presentation will explain how MIPI Alliance has created a standardized framework to meet these challenges. Called MIPI Automotive SerDes Solutions, or “MASS” for short, this full-stack framework supports MIPI and various other standards to simplify the integration of cameras, sensors and displays while building functional safety and security features into its core. The technical presentation will take a bottom-up approach, starting with the asymmetric high-performance MIPI A-PHY SerDes physical layer, up through the protocol stack, and will demonstrate how developers can implement this flexible framework to create end-to-end functionally safe and secure connectivity systems. 


Edo Cohen is co-chair of the MIPI A-PHY Working Group and an active member of the MIPI Technical Steering Group. He has been a member of MIPI Alliance since 2009, contributing to multiple working groups and previously serving as the vice chair and chair for the Display Working Group.

Edo is Valens’ vice president of ecosystem development, and he brings more than 30 years of experience as a senior system engineer, with extensive knowledge in system architecture, technical specifications, definition and execution. Prior to Valens, Edo was a senior system architect at Intel Corporation, heading activities in the wearables and IoT group. Previously, he was a senior staff system engineer at Marvell Cellular Division, responsible for the company’s cellular processor environment, and has held engineering managerial positions at Floware, Alvarion and NAMS. Edo holds an MBA and a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University.

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Santa Clara Convention Center