If my company withdraws from MIPI Alliance, can we still make and sell products that implement MIPI specifications?

No – subject to a narrow exception. Most MIPI specifications are confidential to MIPI members, copyright and trademark licenses granted by MIPI Alliance are available only to members, and the patent license obligations described in the MIPI Membership Agreement are made by and among MIPI members. Accordingly, once a party is no longer a member, that party’s rights to access and use the specifications are significantly limited. Under the MIPI IPR structure, however, certain licenses automatically become effective during membership and survive withdrawal from MIPI membership.

Who can join MIPI Alliance?

Any company can join MIPI Alliance. The organization has a diverse membership base and enables participation from both large and small companies. The members represent companies across the mobile and mobile-influenced ecosystems. Members include semiconductor and chip suppliers, component vendors, device manufacturers, IP providers, software vendors, and firms that offer test equipment and testing services.