MIPI Alliance encourages member companies to upgrade their status from Adopter to Contributor. Please review the criteria and procedures for companies to join as Contributors. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Contributors should ideally:

  • Be a leader in their field.
  • Agree with the principle of open standards.
  • Have technical expertise in specific areas of MIPI specifications.
  • Willing to provide technical resources to develop the MIPI specifications.
  • Contributors have a Preferential Obligation to Support MIPI.

The procedure to apply for Contributor level membership of the MIPI Alliance is:

  • Submit a presentation which describes how the MIPI Alliance would benefit from Contributor level membership of the applying company. The proposal must be 5 slides or fewer and should address the characteristics noted above, with particular focus on your company's technical expertise and available resources. Send your company presentation to the MIPI Alliance in PDF format (preferred) or PPT.
  • An invoice will be sent for your upgrade fees. The cost will be determined upon submission of your Contributor presentation.

Membership dues & rate details can be found here on the Join MIPI page.