Yes. The following MIPI specifications are expected to help with software development:

  • MIPI Specification for I3C Host Controller Interface (I3C HCI), v1.0 [MIPI02] and
    MIPI Specification for I3C Host Controller Interface (I3C HCI), v1.1 [MIPI13]
    Creates a standard definition that allows a single OS driver (also known as ‘in-box driver’) to support I3C hardware from several vendors, while also allowing vendor-specific extensions or improvements. The target audience of the HCI specification is application processor host controllers; in particular, developers of host controller (i.e., I3C Primary Controller) hardware, and developers of I3C host controller software.
  • MIPI Specification for Discovery and Configuration (DisCo), v1.0 [MIPI03]
    Describes a standardized device discovery and configuration mechanism for interfaces based on MIPI specifications, which can simplify component design and system integration. Also oriented to application processors.
  • MIPI DisCo Specification for I3C, v1.0 [MIPI04]
    Allows operating system software to use ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) structures to discover and configure the I3C host controller and attached I3C Devices in ACPI-compliant systems. Also oriented to application processors.

In addition to these MIPI specifications, a supporting document is also available. The System Integrators Application Note for I3C v1.0 and I3C Basic v1.0, App Note v1.0 [MIPI05] has been developed to help ASIC hardware developers, system designers, and others working in the more deeply embedded I3C Devices. The I3C WG plans to develop additional Application Notes that will cover new features and capabilities included in I3C v1.1.1 and I3C Basic v1.1.1.

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