The CTS tests are designed to determine whether a given product conforms to a subset of the common I3C requirements defined in both I3C v1.1.1 and I3C Basic v1.1.1 (i.e., the requirements that are common to both specifications, since I3C Basic is a subset of I3C). The scope of this version of the CTS is intentionally limited, in order to meet time-to-market requirements imposed by the rapid adoption of I3C in the marketplace, focusing on:

  1. SDR-only Devices without optional I3C capabilities,
  2. All Controller and Target Error Detection and Recovery methods, and
  3. Basic HDR Enter/tolerance/Restart/Exit procedures. However, specific HDR Modes are not covered by this version of the CTS.

Considering the CTS a living document, the I3C WG plans to continue expanding the scope of the CTS through future revisions or subordinate CTS documents for specific features or capabilities (e.g., HDR Modes). The growing set of CTS documents should eventually encompass a broad array of all required and optional features of both the I3C specification and the I3C Basic specification.

The CTS tests are organized as Controller DUT tests (Device Under Test) and Target DUT tests. Tests for each are presented in the order in which they appear in the I3C specification, to simplify identification of pertinent detail between the two documents.

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