MIPI’s regular IPR terms apply to the full MIPI I3C specification. MIPI’s terms require that members make licenses available only to other members, as described in the MIPI Membership Agreement and MIPI Bylaws. To benefit from the license commitments, a party must be a MIPI member.

For features that are included in MIPI I3C Basic, a MIPI member can implement under the regular IPR terms, or can opt to implement the feature under the I3C Basic framework. If a member opts in to the I3C Basic framework, then they must grant the reciprocal licenses required under that framework. MIPI Alliance members are not required to participate in the I3C Basic license framework, however. Features of I3C 1.x that are not included in I3C Basic are subject only to MIPI’s regular IPR terms.

Prior to the release of I3C Basic, MIPI had made certain versions of the full MIPI I3C specification available for public review, under “copyright only” terms – that is, MIPI published the specification, but noted that no rights to implement the specification were granted under any party’s patent rights. MIPI no longer publishes the full I3C specification publicly. A non-member is not granted any right to implement the full MIPI I3C 1.x specification, either by MIPI or any MIPI member.

I3C Basic is available to non-members, as described in Q1.6, "How can the MIPI I3C specifications be obtained?"

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