No, not anymore. The royalty free patent license obligation described in the MIPI Membership Agreement applies equally to implementations in all types of products.

Prior to March 22, 2019, the licensing-related terms of the MIPI Membership Agreement did apply different rules to (a) “Mobile Terminals” and “Accessories,” and (b) all other product implementations. Mobile Terminals and Accessories were subject to the same royalty free commitment that is in the current Membership Agreement. Other product implementations were subject to a “RAND” obligation; that is, an obligation to license on reasonable and non-discriminatory—but potentially royalty-bearing—terms.

In January of 2019, MIPI Alliance notified its members that the distinction between Mobile Terminals, Accessories and all other products was being eliminated, effective March 22, 2019. Members that remain in MIPI after that date, and that join subsequently, are subject to the updated terms. Under the updated terms, members commit to license on royalty free terms for all product types, applicable to both pre-existing and new MIPI specifications. However, any former member that withdrew prior to March 22, 2019 has only those licensing obligations described in the prior version of the Membership Agreement. 

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