Yes. Typically MIPI specifications are made available only to members, and under the MIPI Membership Agreement licensing obligations apply only among MIPI members. The MIPI I3C Basic Specification presented a special case where the MIPI Board decided to make the specification publicly available, which presented the issue of how to extend appropriate patent license commitments to non-member implementers.

MIPI addressed this issue by requiring that those particular MIPI members that led the development of the I3C Basic specification to make an additional patent licensing commitment (on top of the normal Membership Agreement terms) that extends to non-members. These parties commit to license implementers on royalty free terms, for all types of product implementations, as set forth in the supplemental intellectual property rights terms that are included with the I3C Basic specification. Implementers of I3C Basic can choose to be the beneficiary of this additional commitment, subject to an obligation to make a reciprocal commitment to other implementers (as described in the supplemental terms). The special IPR terms for I3C Basic apply only to those parties that specifically choose to be subject to these terms; they are not generally applicable to all MIPI members.

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