No. The CSI-2 and DSI-2 specifications expressly require implementation over a MIPI PHY. Implementations over a non-MIPI PHY would thus be definitionally non-compliant, and therefore are not “Compliant Portions” as defined in the MIPI Membership Agreement. Accordingly, an implementer would not benefit from the royalty free patent licenses granted under the Membership Agreement, and instead would be subjecting their products to a dangerous risk of unconstrained royalty demands or injunctions that prohibit products from shipping. Further, the MIPI Membership Agreement authorizes the use and disclosure of MIPI specifications only in connection with the development and sale of products that comply with a MIPI specification. Any party disclosing or reproducing a MIPI specification in a manner not authorized by the Membership Agreement would be breaching its contractual terms, infringing MIPI Alliance’s copyright rights, and misappropriating MIPI trade secrets—all activities that can create substantial legal liability. Additionally, CSI-2 and DSI-2 are MIPI Alliance trademarks. Misuse of these marks—e.g. in connection with an unauthorized standards development activity or a non-compliant product—would be trademark infringement.

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