Yes, several fixes to MIPI I3C v1.1 have been identified, and MIPI has published these fixes as Errata 01.

These fixes fall into four categories:

  1. Resolving inconsistencies in HDR-DDR Mode
    I3C v1.0 and v1.1 did not consistently describe whether an HDR-DDR Data Word was always required for HDR-DDR transactions. Additionally, I3C v1.1 introduced CCC flows in HDR-DDR Mode, which assumed that flows with zero HDR-DDR Data Words were both possible and valid, and it did not always provide appropriate acknowledgement for Target Devices. Errata 01 resolves these inconsistencies by always requiring at least one HDR-DDR Data Word for all HDR-DDR transactions. Furthermore, Errata 01 clarifies the requirements for CCC flows in HDR-DDR Mode, and re-defines the special use of the structured protocol elements for these CCC flows to always include at least one HDR-DDR Data Word for appropriate acknowledgement.
  2. Clarifying Open-Drain timing parameters
    The timing parameters for I3C v1.1 did not show appropriate definitions for a ‘Pure Bus’ configuration, and also did not provide clarity for sending the first I3C Address Header with the Broadcast Address (i.e., 7’h7E) in order to disable the I2C Spike Filter (for certain I3C Devices). Errata 01 clarifies these timing parameters and fixes other related incorrect timing parameter definitions.
  3. Updating obsolete FSM Diagrams
    Several FSM diagrams in Annex C that were initially created during early stages of I3C v1.0 specification development were obsolete. For example, the FSM diagram for Dynamic Address Assignment did not reflect the correct Dynamic Address Assignment procedure, and did not include newer CCCs (such as the SETAASA CCC) that were added after I3C v1.0. Several other issues and inconsistencies were also found in other FSM diagrams in Annex C.
    Errata 01 updates these FSM diagrams to reflect the correct procedures (per the normative text in the I3C v1.1 specification) and to remove other obsolete terminology.
  4. Typographical fix regarding HDR-TSP and Multi-Lane support
    Errata 01 corrects a minor typographical error, and resolves an inconsistency regarding which HDR Modes support Multi-Lane transfers in I3C v1.1.
    Additionally, these issues, plus numerous other inconsistencies, clarifications, and fixes have been addressed in MIPI I3C v1.1.1 [MIPI14]. MIPI Alliance strongly recommends that all implementers move to MIPI I3C v1.1.1 as the newest recommended version of the I3C specification.

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