Yes. I3C v1.1.1 is a purely editorial update that aims to resolve inconsistencies and improve clarity compared to I3C v1.1; no new features or capabilities are added. I3C v1.1.1 addresses all I3C v1.1 issues that Errata 01 did. Implementers are strongly advised to confirm that any I3C v1.1–compliant Devices adhere to the fixes published in Errata 01.

In particular, see Q4.4, "Are there any impending fixes or errata for MIPI I3C v1.1 that should be applied now?" for fixed issues regarding HDR-DDR Mode inconsistencies pertaining to zero-HDR-DDR-Data-Word flows, which are no longer allowed. This affects all HDR-DDR transactions, including CCC flows in HDR-DDR Mode.

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