Due to confusion around the use of the words “illegally formatted” in I3C v1.0, it was critical in I3C v1.1 to more precisely define what errors are considered to be S5 Errors. The S5 Error covers only four cases of Errors, as follows.

The first two errors are Unsupported CCC and Unsupported Defining Byte, both of which are ignored by Slaves if not supported. The Slaves should wait for the appropriate exit condition in cases where these commands have an special exit condition.

The other two cases are when the master sends the Wrong RnW Bit for a Direct CCC command. This means that the Master sends a Dynamic Address and Read for a Direct Write CCC command, or vice versa. In these cases the Slaves send a NACK, notifying the Master that an error has occurred. The Master will then use the Retry and Escalation models.

Additional Data on CCC Payloads, and Additional Defining Bytes, are not error conditions. Slaves should ignore any additional unrecognized data bytes, per the I3C v1.1 Specification at Section

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