A-PHY serves as the foundation of MASSSM (MIPI Automotive SerDes Solutions), a family of specifications that when complete, will provide automotive OEMs and their suppliers with end-to-end high-performance connectivity solutions for the growing number of cameras, sensors and displays that enable automotive applications.

More specifically, MASS allows the higher-layer protocols from MIPI (such as MIPI CSI-2 and DSI-2) and third parties (e.g., VESA eDP/DP) to operate over A-PHY physical links spanning an entire vehicle, eliminating the need for proprietary “bridges” and PHYs. For OEMs and system integrators, this equates to simplified in-vehicle networks (i.e., cable harnesses) and reduced costs, weight and development time. System-level engineers will be able to use this architecture to build systems that meet ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) requirements at any level, from ASIL B to ASIL D.  MASS also will provide end-to-end security to include authentication, integrity and confidentiality for data protection of camera, sensor and display components. Learn more about MASS.

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