Note: This question does not apply to I3C Basic v1.0.

Only for Data. The Data bytes are sent the same way as in SDR Mode. Figure 1 shows how Data is transferred from memory to the I3C Data Line.

MIPI I3C FAQ Figure 1 - Q19.1

Figure 1 Data DWORDs sent as SDR Data Bytes and HDR-DDR Data Words

The Command and CRC Byte are each transferred as a packet instead:

Command (MSb to LSb):

  • Preamble (2 bits)
  • Command (8 bits)
  • Target address (7 bits)
  • Reserved bit (1 bit)

CRC (MSb to LSb):

  • Preamble (2 bits)
  • Token (4 bits)
  • CRC Byte (5 bits)
  • Setup bits (2 bits)

Note: I3C Basic v1.1.1 and I3C v1.1+ already clarify the HDR-DDR protocol and coding details.

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