Note: This question does not apply to I3C Basic

In addition to the changes regarding ENDXFER and HDR Ternary Flow Control (see Q18.16, "What has changed with the ENDXFER CCC for HDR-TSP and HDR-TSL Modes?"), I3C v1.1.1 now includes:

  • Clarifications on the use of Group Addresses for Direct CCC Read/Write segments in HDR Ternary Modes
  • Configuration advisories regarding use of common HDR Ternary Flow Control with CCCs, especially when sending Direct CCCs to Group Addresses.
  • Clarification to the Option 2 End of CCC Procedure, which is now similar to starting a new CCC: all I3C Targets must acknowledge the Write Command to the Broadcast Address before the Controller sends an HDR Restart Pattern to end the CCC modality and return to generic HDR Ternary Read/Write commands.
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