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See Us At Sensors Converge 2023

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20-22 June 2023
Santa Clara, Calif.

Event Overview

Join the sensors and electronics community on 20-22 June at this event covering the biggest design engineering trends. From enabling innovation, to process design and control development, to transforming markets, Sensors Converge covers technologies and applications that can help you design smarter systems/IoT devices in a sustainable economy. Register now and join thousands of your peers to connect, share knowledge and demo the latest technologies. 

MIPI member Binho LLC will offer a session during the event, "How Real-World Sensor Applications Are Being Supercharged by MIPI I3C Basic℠", presented by Jonathan Georgino. Use the code "MIPI100" for 10% off registration until 28 April.


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Presented by Jonathan Georgino 
Binho LLC


How Real-World Sensor Applications Are Being Supercharged By MIPI I3C Basic℠

21 June, 10:20-10:35 a.m.

This presentation will shine the spotlight on the nuances of the MIPI I3C Basic specification which make it the perfect choice for modern sensors. While many presentations have focused on broad overviews of the I3C specification, this session will zoom in on particular real-world applications that stand to benefit the most from the features of MIPI I3C Basic. Common Command Codes (CCCs), In-Band Interrupts (IBI), and Timing Control, all of which are core features of I3C, will be focal points of the presentation. The session will wrap up with a brief snapshot of the current status of industry adoption of I3C Basic, a list of publicly-known and available devices, and a review of the best tools and resources available for those ready to get hands-on experience with I3C Basic.

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