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Member webinar (Introspect): How the I3C PurVue Analyzer Enables Complete MIPI I3C Conformance (CTS) Testing

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Thursday, 1 December, 2022
08:00 PDT  |  11:00 EDT  |  17:00 CET

How the I3C PurVue Analyzer Enables Complete MIPI I3C Conformance (CTS) Testing

Register to learn about Introspect's I3C PurVue Analyzer and how it enables complete MIPI I3C conformance (CTS) testing.

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  1. Introduction to the I3C PurVue Analyzer: Overview, benefits, features and ease of use
  2. The MIPI I3C Conformance Test Suite (CTS): Objectives, methodology and examples
  3. How the I3C PurVue Analyzer enables complete CTS testing: A demonstration of the SV4E-I3C, I3C PurVue Analyzer, and CTS application.
  4. Conclusions

Why This Event is Important

With MIPI I3C, developers are able to craft innovative sensor and control designs for many mobile and IoT applications. No longer limited to mobile phones, this interface is rapidly gaining traction in a wide range of IoT and infrastructure applications. Characterizing the I3C bus is important for ensuring proper interoperability and reliability, especially for safety-critical implementations. This webinar will take a deep dive into how the I3C PurVue Analyzer — real-time embedded oscilloscope — enables complete MIPI I3C Conformance (CTS) testing.


Who Should Attend

System architects, digital design engineers, verification engineers, product engineers, test engineers, applications engineers, system integrators, product line managers and project managers.



Geoffrey Duerden, senior member of technical staff
Geoffrey has a masters of engineering from McGill University and has been providing applications support for a wide range of MIPI technologies with Introspect Technology since 2012.