2023 Annual Membership Awards Nomination Form


Recipients to be recognized at the June 2024 member meeting in San Diego, Calif.


The MIPI Alliance Membership Awards Program recognizes outstanding contributions and achievements by both individual and corporate MIPI members. To emphasize impartiality and fairness, the program is administered by the MIPI Awards Recognition Committee, which is named by the Board of Directors.


The awards will be presented during the MIPI Alliance Member Meeting #66, 3-8 June 2024, in San Diego, Calif., USA.

The nomination deadline is 11 March. Please complete one nomination form per person or company nominated. Additional nominations may be submitted on a separate form. We appreciate your time in completing the nomination form.


Award Categories

  • Corporate Award - Presented to a MIPI Alliance Member organization for outstanding corporate leadership and contributions to MIPI Alliance.
  • Working Group Leadership Award - Presented to a MIPI Alliance Working Group leader (chair, vice or co-chair, or technical lead) in recognition of their significant contributions to the development and publication of a MIPI specification.
  • Distinguished Service Award - Presented to current member(s) or past member(s) of MIPI Alliance to recognize distinguished service to the Alliance based on major contributions to the MIPI specification development process or related significant contributions in the areas of the Board, Marketing or Test in the last year.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award - Presented to an individual having a 7+ year commitment to MIPI Alliance and who has provided significant contributions or leadership to a working group, the Board, or other MIPI area.
  • Special Achievement Award - Presented to an individual(s) who has taken a lead role in MIPI Alliance and who has actively and consistently performed and contributed toward MIPI’s objectives. The recipient does not have to serve in a formal leadership role to be recognized.
  • The Legacy Award - Presented in remembrance of the contributions of individuals who have passed on since the last awards ceremony.

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