Marketing Steering Group

Status: ACTIVE


Role & Scope

About the Group

Kevin Yee, Samsung Electronics 

MIPI Alliance members at the Contributor level and above may participate by subscribing to the group on the member website.
Adopter members are also welcome to join the IoT and Camera interest groups.



The MIPI Marketing Steering Group (MSG) is chartered to provide strategic guidance to the MIPI Alliance Board of Directors, the MIPI Technical Steering Group, individual working groups, and MIPI Alliance marketing and communications team. The group also continuously monitors and assesses industry trends to validate the need and marketing requirements for new specifications.

Role and Scope

The MIPI MSG plays an important role in MIPI Alliance: fostering the development, growth and adoption of MIPI specifications to benefit member companies and the markets they serve. The group also helps provide direction for the development of next-generation of MIPI interfaces that will be needed to serve new and emerging markets for mobile and mobile-influenced devices.

The group’s scope of work includes:

  • crafting the overall message and specification positioning for MIPI Alliance
  • working with the board of directors to promote the organization’s technology roadmap
  • working with the Technical Steering Group to identify new opportunities for interface specifications
  • developing communication and education programs for target audiences
  • promoting and driving the acceptance of MIPI Alliance specifications in target market segments
  • and developing trade show, events, speaking programs and public relations activities to support member companies

In addition to these activities, the MSG is currently leading MIPI Alliance’s new automotive initiative and is supporting the Technical Steering Group in its 5G effort. The MIPI DevCon Steering Committee is a subgroup of the MSG.