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The Internet of Things offers the vision of a hyper-connected world where physical objects and people seamlessly interconnect, exchanging data and making insightful decisions using artificial intelligence for the benefit of both individuals and society as a whole. Many IoT services already are widely adopted in the market today, with use cases covering virtually all sectors including automotive, consumer electronics, enterprise, healthcare, industrial, smart buildings, smart cities, smart homes and utilities.

The IoT market is expected to rapidly grow in all industry sectors over the next five years. According to recent analyst reports [1] [2] the number of IoT device connections across all IoT markets is forecast to exceed 38 billion devices by 2030, representing a two-fold growth in devices compared with 2023.

Technological advances in the electronics, telecom and software industries underpin the rollout of the IoT. Expanded wireless connectivity, smaller, faster and more power-efficient electronic components and more capable software are fueling a highly competitive IoT device market. It is essential that developers understand the technology building blocks available to them and make the best choices to ensure technical and commercial success.

MIPI specifications, through adherence to critical technical and commercial attributes for the mobile industry, can help developers produce winning IoT device designs. With a portfolio of physical layer, protocol layer, software, and test and debug specifications that are already ubiquitous in smartphones, MIPI specifications can help IoT developers address many of the challenging power, size and cost constraints demanded by new and emerging IoT business cases.


Get Involved: MIPI IoT Embedded Systems Interest Group

Building upon previous MIPI IoT initiatives, the MIPI IoT Embedded Systems Interest Group (IoT-ES IG) was formed in 2024 to provide a forum for all MIPI members (Contributors and Adoptors) to engage in activities that promote the development and use of MIPI specification for IoT use cases. Interested members can can visit the member website (Causeway) to join the working group, or contact for more information.

MIPI White Paper: Enabling the IoT Opportunity

The MIPI Alliance white paper "Enabling the IoT Opportunity” (published September 2020) explores the IoT market and describes how current MIPI specifications match closely with the key design requirements of IoT devices within a wide variety of market sectors. The white paper includes:

  • An analysis of IoT design needs and their alignment with MIPI specification attributes

  • A visual guide illustrating the use of MIPI specifications in a variety of consumer and enterprise IoT use cases

  • An annex that describes each relevant MIPI specification as it relates to IoT design



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