MIPI Alliance, Inc. is a non-profit corporation governed by a board of directors. The board approves and directs working groups to evaluate or develop specifications to meet a specific interface requirement. New working groups are created and older working groups may be terminated as market requirements for interface standards evolve over time. MIPI specifications are drafted by working groups and approved by the board of directors.

  • Picture of Sanjiv Desai

    Sanjiv Desai

    Intel Corporation
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  • Picture of Rick Wietfeldt

    Rick Wietfeldt

    Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
    Vice Chair
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  • Picture of Hezi Saar

    Hezi Saar

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  • Picture of Peter Lefkin

    Peter Lefkin

    MIPI Alliance
    Executive Director and Secretary
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  • Picture of Francis Dell'ova

    Francis Dell'ova

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  • Picture of Baher Haroun

    Baher Haroun

    Texas Instruments
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  • Picture of Kyung Hyun Ko

    Kyung Hyun Ko

    Samsung Electronics
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  • Picture of Thomas Lindenkreuz

    Thomas Lindenkreuz

    Robert Bosch GmbH
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