Specifies resolution, width and other display functions transmitted over MIPI DSI-2

Quick Facts

  • Reduces the time-to-market and design cost of mobile devices
Physical Layer


Fundamental Features
  • Used with MIPI Display Serial Interface 2 (DSI-2)
  • Specifies display functions such as resolution, width and brightness
  • Supports Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) Display Compression - M (VDC-M)
Use Cases

UHD resolution

Embedded displays

Smart meters

Video game devices

Smart watches

Virtual or augmented reality Head-mounted devices

In-sight (glass) devices



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MIPI Display Command Set SM v1.4 (DCS SM v1.4) specifies display functions such as resolution, width and brightness that are transmitted over MIPI Display Serial Interface 2 SM v1.1 (DSI-2SM v1.1). It also supports the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) Display Compression - M (VDC-M) standard.

MIPI DCS v1.4 features include: 

  • A command mode transport mechanism for the VESA VDC-M codec
  • An update of the DCS to include a codec identifier now that DSI-2 and DCS support two different codecs

Implementing the DCS specification reduces the time-to-market and design cost of mobile devices by simplifying the interconnection of products from different manufacturers. In addition, adding new features such as larger or additional displays to mobile devices is simplified due to the extensible nature of MIPI specifications.

MIPI DCS is implemented on either of two physical layers from MIPI Alliance: MIPI C-PHY SM or MIPI D-PHY SM.

MIPI DSI-2 is developed by the MIPI Alliance Display Working Group.

Note: The specification is available only to MIPI Alliance members. For information about MIPI Alliance membership, visit Join MIPI.

Comparison of Features - Previous DCS Versions and VDC-M
Features DSC 1.1 DSC 1.2 VDC-M
Visually lossless compression performance verified by subjective testing
- 30 bit color, compression ratio (bits/pixel)
- 24 bit color, compression ratio (bits/pixel)
3:1 (10 bpp)
3:1 (8 bpp)
3:1 (10 bpp)
3:1 (8 bpp)
5:1 (6 bpp)
4:1 (6 bpp)
IC complexity Low Low Medium
Backward compatible with DSC 1.1 No
Both encoder and decoder are specified
Normative C language code
Frame-by-frame compression
8, 10, 12 bits per color support
High Dynamic Range-ready
RGB and YCbCr 4:4:4 native encoding
YCbCr 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 native encoding No
Image test database available from VESA
Compliance test guideline and test scripts In development In development
Publicly known adopting standards MIPI DSI-2 v1.2
DSI-2 v1.0
VESA eDP v1.4b
HDMI v2.1
VESA DP v1.4
MIPI DSI-2 v1.1
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MIPI DCS℠ v1.5
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Current Version: 

v1.5 (March 2021)