Recognizing that different companies place different values on membership depending on their markets, resources and strategies, MIPI Alliance follows a tiered membership model similar to that of other successful industry organizations. The MIPI Alliance has structured its membership categories to facilitate involvement from all companies in the mobile industry.

The classes of membership in the MIPI Alliance are:

  • Adopters can use MIPI Specifications to develop MIPI Compliant products, and receive licenses to do so. Any company may apply for adopter level membership.
  • Contributors have all rights of Adopters plus the opportunity to help define MIPI Specifications by participating in the working groups. All Contributors’ applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors.
  • Promoters are elected by the Board from the set of Contributors. Each Promoter has all rights of a Contributor plus a voting board seat. Promoters have limited, staggered terms and are elected (or re-elected) by the then-sitting board.
  • Board have all rights of a Promoter and a permanent board seat.

Additional information on membership levels, privileges, and responsibilities are available in the Membership section. The various rights and obligations of all classes of membership are defined in detail in the MIPI Alliance Bylaws and MIPI Membership Agreement.

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  • Adopter
    • Petition the Board to create a new Group
    • License to implement specifications
    • Access to all specifications adopted by Board
    • Access to Draft specifications during final stage of Adoption process
    • Attend meetings available to Adopters
    • Unlimited number of user accounts for Member workspace
    • Participation in booth at industry events
    • Announce MIPI-based products, promote products and services through MIPI website
  • Contributor
    • Includes all benefits from Adopters
    • Attend Working Group meetings, submit technical proposals, define/develop Specifications, participate in WG votes, access to WG workspace(s) and mail lists
    • Serve in WG leadership roles
    • Attend all F2F meetings, participate in Demo Days
    • Access to all Draft specifications during development and review
    • Provide input to Board for specification Draft Review processes
    • Submit new specification/technology proposals
    • Participation in Marketing Steering Group
  • Board
    (and Promoter)
    • Includes all benefits form Contributors
    • Seat(s) in Technical Steering Group, access to workspace
    • Responsible for final voting for Adoption of specifications
    • Responsible for managing the interests, direction and property of MIPI Alliance
    • Responsible for establishment/approval of new Working Groups, Investigation Groups and Birds of a Feather