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Upcoming Event - MIPI I3C Webinar Series: Exploring the World of I3C - The Next-Generation Utility and Control Bus

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MIPI I3C Webinar Series
5-8 February 2024
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Plan now to join us for a webinar series exploring the world of MIPI I3C – the next-generation utility and control bus for connecting peripherals to application processors in a range of mobile, IoT and automotive applications.



Whether you are an embedded developer seeking to implement the I3C interface in your next project, a researcher exploring advancements in cutting-edge wired communication protocols, or a technology enthusiast curious about the future of serial bus connectivity, the week will offer several opportunities to explore, engage and unlock the potential of the groundbreaking I3C communication protocol.

MIPI I3C Week will feature a series of technical presentations from expert speakers discussing key I3C topic such as:

  • How MIPI software tools support the adoption and use of the I3C interface, covering MIPI I3C Host Controller Interface (HCI℠), I3C Transfer Command Response Interface (TCRI℠), and Discovery and Configuration (DisCo℠) for I3C
  • How MIPI I3C enables advanced use cases such as synchronous data acquisition from a set of identical sensors, data acquisition with highly precise timing, high-rate modes that improve speed and data reliability, and error detection and handling
  • Key techniques, tools and tips for testing and debugging I3C implementations
  • How MIPI’s I3C conformance test suite (CTS) and plugfest events improve interoperability
  • Implementation techniques and methods to achieve an optimal silicon footprint for an I3C Target device

Sessions & Presenters

MIPI I3C Software Tools - Supporting the Adoption and Use of the I3C Interface

Matthew Schnoor
Debug Architect, Intel Corporation 
Member of MIPI I3C, Software and Debug working groups

Matthew Schnoor

Discovering Advanced Features of the MIPI I3C Interface

Tim McKee, Chair, MIPI I3C Working Group
System Architect, Intel Corporation

Michele Scarlatella
IoT Technical Consultant, MIPI Alliance


Coming to Grips with MIPI I3C Testing, Debugging, and Conformance

Jonathan Georgino
Founder & CTO, Binho LLC
Member of MIPI I3C Working Group

Jonathan Georgino

Techniques to Achieve an Optimal Silicon Footprint for a MIPI I3C Target Device

Aradhana Kumari
Technical Leader, STMicroelectronics

Aradhana Kumari


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