A high-speed interface connecting the RFIC to the baseband processor

Quick Facts

Physical Layer


Fundamental features
  • High performance
  • Low power
  • Low EMI
Use Cases

Connecting radio frequency transceivers in mobile devices to baseband modem

EMI-sensitive high data rate applications

Highly reliable links with error protection

Real-time interfaces with low latency and fast start-up time

Interfaces with packet-oriented traffic bursts

Transferring sample data with adjustable word length

Combined control and data traffic with flexible protocol adjustment


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MIPI DigRFSM is a high-speed interface that is used to interconnect the RFIC in a device with the baseband processor. It is designed to provide a convenient approach for integrating components and meeting the data-intensive needs of 4G LTE air interfaces that require high channel bandwidth. It is a low-complexity solution for complex implementations that typically require multi-mode, multi-band operation. It natively handles MIMO configurations, receive diversity and carrier aggregation. In addition to LTE, it supports HSPA+, 3.5G and 2.5G air interfaces.

MIPI DigRF is a high-level interface that operates on the MIPI M-PHY physical layer, enabling a single link between the baseband and RFIC. MIPI DigRF focuses on the protocol and programming used to interface the components, enabling vendors to differentiate their overlying system designs while providing interoperability at the interface level between compliant ICs. The interface is flexible and scalable, allowing use of multiple receivers and transmitters simultaneously. At the same time, it helps minimize pin count and overall interface power consumption, and manages electromagnetic interference (EMI).

MIPI DigRF is developed by the MIPI DigRF Working Group. The most recent version of the MIPI DigRF specification, v4 v1.2, was released in 2014.

Note: The specification is available only to MIPI Alliance members. For information about joining MIPI Alliance, visit Join MIPI.

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MIPI DigRF℠ v4 v1.2
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Current Version: 

v4 v 1.2 (February 2014)