Current I3C Device Characteristic Register (DCR) Assignments

Information for I3C Implementers

On the PDF below, implementers of the MIPI Specification for I3C® (Improved Inter Integrated Circuit) will find ID assignments for the I3C Device Characteristic Register (DCR) that are planned for inclusion in future updates to I3C. This read-only register describes the I3C compliant Device type (e.g. accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.), used in Dynamic Address assignment and Common Command Codes.

I3C version1.0 defines one value for the register: 8’b0: Generic Device.

Future updates to MIPI I3C will define a larger set of Device types, which are expected to grow as I3C evolves.

The MIPI I3C Working Group, which maintains the MIPI I3C specification, presents the following assignments as work-in-progress for the benefit of implementers. While subject to change until presented in a final adopted specification, MIPI Alliance encourages implementers to plan for updates using these values.

Approved and Pending Assignments

All IDs not listed are reserved for future definition by MIPI Alliance.