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MIPI Debug and Trace Featured in Embedded Computing Design and Electronics Media

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Earlier this year, the full lineup of MIPI debug and trace specifications was made available to the broader community, giving developers not only a standard, layered set of interfaces and protocols, but also an alternative to using expensive proprietary testing tools.

In recent articles in Electronics Media and Embedded Computing Design, Enrico Carrieri, chair of the MIPI Debug Working Group, shares how MIPI Alliance’s broad portfolio of debug and trace specifications can be used to streamline development for mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, automotive and many other applications.

In addition to outlining the nine public debug and trace specifications, the articles take a look at the working group’s efforts to minimize the impact of debug and trace processes on silicon providers and OEMs so that they can place more focus on higher-value activities.

Enrico also provided a preview of the upcoming MIPI Debug for I3C specification, a bare-metal, minimal pin interface that will transport debug controls and data between a debug and test system and a target system.

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