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New MIPI DSI-2 v2.0 Boosts Power Efficiency and Enhances User Experience

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The MIPI Display Serial Interface 2 (MIPI DSI-2℠) specification is already deployed in many of the world’s handsets, smartwatches, virtual reality headsets, laptops, tablets and automobiles. Delivering significant improvements to user experience and power efficiency, a new major update to MIPI DSI-2 is set to dramatically enhance next-generation mobile, automotive, gaming and other display applications. 

A 17 August MIPI Alliance press release explains how the new features in DSI-2 v2.0 enable displays to seamlessly and efficiently operate in a variety of use cases—from high-resolution, high-frame-rate video modes (such as 8K with 120 fps), to responsive, low-latency graphical user interface “command” modes, and static modes—for dramatically improved display performance at the lowest possible power consumption. The new version can also deliver more than 6 gigapixels per second of uncompressed image content, based on coupling with the latest versions of MIPI C-PHY and D-PHY

The key features that the MIPI Display Working Group built into DSI-2 v2.0 deliver ever-more immersive experiences, as well as increased power savings, resulting in an enhanced experience for the user. These features include:

  • Video-to-command mode, which enables displays to smoothly move from highly immersive video modes of operation to less-intensive command modes for low-frame-rate GUI images, for better user experience and system efficiency and reliability 
  • An adaptive refresh panel, which enables a device display to retain images for variable, extended durations without fixed refreshes from the host processor, saving power without requiring a peripheral frame buffer 
  • Latest VESA Display Stream Compression (VESA DSC) and Display Compression-M (VDC-M) codecs, which provide between three to six times data compression while maintaining visually lossless viewing, to satisfy a variety of bandwidth and power requirements

To learn more, view two on-demand MIPI webinars—“Leveraging Video Compression within MIPI DSI-2 for High-Performance Displays,” and “Enabling Automotive Displays Using MIPI Automotive SerDes Solutions (MASS)”— and look for additional education sessions to be announced later this year. 

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