Download MIPI DisCo℠ Specification for SoundWire®


Enables SoundWire driver developers to easily discover and configure devices implementing MIPI SoundWire interfaces


MIPI DisCoSM Specification for SoundWire® defines a Discovery and Configuration (DisCo) mechanism for MIPI SoundWire Devices (Controllers, Managers, and Peripherals) based on the MIPI Alliance Discovery and Configuration Specification (MIPI DisCo), a uniform ACPI-based software architecture for enumerating controllers, busses, and devices that support the MIPI Alliance interface specifications.

MIPI DisCo is based on the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), which is widely used in the PC industry to enumerate devices and functions, describe their capabilities, and manage their power states. It is supported by prominent operating systems, including Linux, Microsoft’s Windows, Apple operating systems and others.

MIPI DisCo Specification for SoundWire is the first class specification that streamlines software integration of amplifiers, microphones, and audio codecs that are built into smartphones, tablets, PCs, automobiles and other IoT devices that use the MIPI SoundWire interface. MIPI DisCo for SoundWire enables hardware vendors to describe their device’s capabilities which can be easily discovered and configured by SoundWire drivers.

MIPI Alliance also welcomes contributions to the specification. If you would like to contribute, please contact us at for more information.

The version currently available for download here is v2.1 (adopted February 2024). This latest version adds new DisCo properties necessary to describe SDCA devices (SoundWire Device Class for Audio).


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