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MIPI I3C® General Topics

This app note applies to MIPI I3C v1.1+ and MIPI I3C Basic v1.1.1+.

The MIPI I3C interface plays a fundamental role in streamlining sensor integration in smartphones, wearables and IoT devices, and is also extensible to newer and more advanced use cases that go beyond the original scope of sensor integrations. It is an evolutionary specification that is designed to reduce the number of physical pins used in sensor system integration, and to support low-power, high-speed digital communication typically associated with UART and SPI interfaces.

This application note is intended to help users understand how the MIPI I3C interface works by presenting a range of topics that are relevant to guide several different groups:

  • Those developing MIPI I3C controller and target devices who need an understanding of how their parts will fit into different types of systems, as well as considerations for functionality and features.
  • System designers who need to design systems that integrate such I3C devices, and potentially legacy I2C devices, and who need to understand considerations of trace layout and connections, voltage regulation for the devices, any strapping or other ID factors, etc.
  • MIPI I3C controller software developers, including those who must pay special consideration to systems with multiple I3C controllers on the same I3C bus. This includes users of both standardized host controller APIs and MCU/DSP firmware.
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