Does MIPI create errata documents for its specifications?

No. MIPI Alliance working groups occasionally discuss changes they expect to make in future specification updates, although these discussions and related documents are informative only and do not set normative requirements.

If a working group intends to set normative requirements, it will create a draft specification that proceeds through the formal review process.

Is the MIPI Alliance agnostic about air interface standards?

Yes. MIPI Alliance specifications address interfaces needed to connect components within a device and as such the specifications are not involved with the air interface.  MIPI Alliance specifications have supported the mobile industry’s needs as it evolved from 2G to 3G and 4G and the organization will continue to advance specifications to serve the industry as cellular standards evolve to 5G and beyond.

What benefits do the MIPI Alliance interface specifications provide?

MIPI Alliance specifications provide common approaches for interfacing components to allow interoperability of components supplied by different vendors. The specifications alleviate the need for proprietary solutions, which saves development time and costs to help companies shorten time-to-market with compelling, feature-rich products for consumers.

How many specifications are available from MIPI Alliance?

MIPI Alliance has a portfolio of many different specifications that have been released and adopted in the market. We stopped counting after 50 or so, but an overview of our more active specifications is available on the specifications page of this website. The specifications are available as individual interfaces, enabling companies to adopt whichever ones they prefer or need to differentiate their designs or support particular technology requirements or architectures.