Download MIPI SoundWire Device Class for Audio Specification


A standardized interface for software to control audio functions of devices that use MIPI SoundWire


The MIPI SoundWire Device Class for Audio (MIPI SDCA℠) specification facilitates the development of generic SoundWire® software that can provide audio functionality using the native operating system “out of-the-box” without being dependent upon the availability of device-specific or system-specific software.

MIPI SDCA standardizes the control mechanisms for audio functions within components such as microphones and amplifiers that are connected via MIPI SoundWire interfaces. It also defines internal signal chain topology for some standard audio functions. Thus, the SDCA specification facilitates a standardized class software model where software is reusable across multiple audio components.

MIPI SDCA is applicable to any SoundWire audio system topology that uses either MIPI SoundWire or the forthcoming MIPI SoundWire I3S (MIPI SWI3S℠) as the interface for transporting audio payload and related control information.

The version currently available for download is v1.0 (adopted December 2023).

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