My company is a MIPI Alliance member and owns a subsidiary that makes related products. My colleague at the subsidiary wants to examine a MIPI Alliance specification. Do they have to join separately, or am I allowed to provide the document to them?

As discussed in the Membership FAQs, the subsidiary company is an affiliate of your company. In this case you are allowed to provide the document to the colleague at the affiliate, although MIPI Alliance encourages all active users to have their own user accounts on the MIPI Members Web site so they can access documents directly.

How much can be disclosed?

Only as much as is required, in the good faith judgment of the member. This is all described in detail in the MIPI Policy on Disclosure by MIPI Members of Board adopted MIPI Specifications. But read the disclosure policy carefully. Even when permitted there are important special requirements in the event of disclosure. For example, disclosure must include the MIPI Alliance copyright notice as it is contained in the specification.